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Gallbladder & bile duct cancers & conditions

The gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that rests on the liver. It stores and concentrates bile created by the liver, which is used to break down and digest fats in the body. The bile duct carries that bile to the digestive tract when it is needed.

If the gallbladder or bile duct becomes cancerous, or if gallstones are causing serious pain, surgery might be necessary to remove the cancer or any blockage.

Gallbladder diagramThe board-certified surgeons at Novant Health Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Specialists have years of experience performing procedures and treating conditions affecting the gallbladder and bile duct including:

  • Gallstone treatment.
  • Laparoscopic and robotic bile duct surgery.
  • Benign and malignant bile duct and gallbladder surgery.
  • Bile duct reconstruction and repair.
  • Gallbladder cancer.
  • Intra- and extra hepatic bile duct cancer.
  • Cholangiocarcinoma.
  • Biliary stone disease.
  • Bile duct injuries.

Many gallbladder and bile duct conditions are complicated and require the care of a specialist devoted solely to hepatobiliary care. When you choose Novant Health Hepatobiliary and Pancreas Specialists, you benefit from years of experience and unparalleled expertise.



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